Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Buildings, Landscaping and Animals, Oh My!

CEO Sam examines a Bald Cypress destined for the Drop Off Circle.

Hanging out near the Health and Aquatics Center.

Lynn and Sam check out the Aquatics Center. JR heads to the outdoor pool showers (the two blue poles in the center). The Aquatics Center is going to be a very colorful and fun space.

Lynn and I are amazed at the amount of light streaming through the Solatube in the ceiling of the Aquatics Center!

These will allow us to cut WAY down on electricity consumption!

Program shelter, cabin and new dormers on the main house at the Fishing Village.
Once the decking is built the Fishing Village will feel like the Ewok Village!

Two different kinds of tracks follow the same path through the
Arts Village. Can you name the animals?

Cabin (far left), program shelter (left) and Activity building (right) in the Arts Village.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coming along fast! :D

Hey everyone(:

It has been a while, but like Sam said, things are moving SO fast at camp!

The pool is almost finished. They are putting the final coating on the pool this week so they can fill it up with water. Hopefully it will be filled by Earth Day(:

Speaking of Earth Day, have you signed up?(:

We've chosen what the colors will be inside the pool; it will be white with blue specs. The bathroom floors, toilets, and sinks for all of the sites went in on Thursday and Friday.

WE HAVE POWER !!! :D The light poles for the walking trails are going in this week. Also we are using a recycled asphalt product made up of different materials on all of the main roads going through camp.

Like Samantha and I have said a lottttt lately, things are moving SOSOSO fast at camp. Soon it will be open for you guys to make your own memories(:

More coming soon,
Kaylee (:

Well I hope to see you at Earth Day(:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

North Fork construction is moving fast! Right now we are talking about reservation prices for the different villages and buildings. But that's not the topic of today's blog post.

Today I want to tell you about the new ducks in the pond by the arts village. Yes, they may LOOK like real, live ducks, but take a closer look, and you will see that they do not, in fact, move. They actually mark the places where the air pump that is connected to the wind mill (you will see in the picture).

This generates air flow throughout the pond, making it healthier for the fish to live in it. Kind of like a giant fish tank :)

- ttfn - Samantha

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh Deer!

At the O.A.C. meeting we talked about the colors of the bathrooms in the aquatics center. The toilets will be a fossil green. There were two other colors, one a white-ish cream and the other a darker green. The bathrooms are built and roofed.
The activities shelter is next to that.

My mom posted this picture on facebook and we didn't even know there was a deer there until Mrs. Carolyn (our membership specialist) pointed it out. See him there in the clearing between the two buildings?

That sneaky little devil... hahaha!

Samantha S.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mud Mud Mud

Mud is everywhere at North Fork during this wet weather! CEO Sam found that out the hard way during a recent inspection visit. Check out her muddy tennis shoes.

On a clean and brighter note - phase one construction continues, and we're just eight weeks away from the
Are you and your family registered yet?

Details in an upcoming post!

The PATCH design is AWESOME!